Papaya Enzyme Exfoliator

Reveal your best-looking skin

smoothing • rejuvenating • brightening

Benefits of Enzyme Exfoliator

Smooth bumpy, rugged skin
Revive dull and lifeless skin
Unclog pores + prevent ingrown hairs
Deeply cleanse oil, dirt, and sweat

Made with deep-acting yet gentle natural ingredients, this formula washes away dead skin cells and promotes skin cell turnover that rejuvenates dull and lifeless skin, smooths bumpy skin, fights fine lines, and opens clogged pores. Use 1-3x a week for your best-looking skin ever.

3.9 FL. OZ. - 115 ML

Formulated in USA

Key Ingredients

Papaya Enzyme

A natural extract that breaks down dead skin cells which can clog pores and lead to dull skin.

Mango Extract

A natural antioxidant that is packed with vitamins and minerals for healthier, clearer skin.

Lactic Acid (AHA)

A gentle exfoliator that stimulates skin cell renewal to combat dark spots, bumpy skin, fine lines, and dullness for smoother, clearer, and firmer skin.

Our Products Are

  • Sulfate-Free
  • Paraben-Free
  • Silicone-Free
  • Phthalate-Free
  • Cruelty-Free

Our Quality Promise

We always use the highest-quality ingredients to create the best-performing formulas for you. If you don't love your Hawthorne on the first try, we'll replace it or return it for free.

Do I really need an enzyme exfoliator?
An enzyme exfoliator can help with a number of skin concerns - clogged pores, ingrown hairs, dull or rough skin, bumpy or uneven skin, as well as reducing the appearance of fine lines, and healing acne scars or hyperpigmentation. Our formula utilizes natural ingredients to gently remove dirt and dead skin cells and makes way for softer, smoother, brighter, and better-looking skin.
How does it work?
Our effective ingredients like lactic acid and papaya enzyme gently loosen the bonds between dead skin cells and dissolve them to reveal the newer, brighter, smoother, and better-looking skin underneath. Revealing the younger skin also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Our natural licorice root extract works as another defense against dark spots by both inhibiting the production of dark spots and dispersing excess melanin (aka dark spots) in the skin.
Does it hurt? Should I expect any side effects?
If you’re new to exfoliating, start off by using once a week and gradually increasing as your skin adjusts to avoid any irritation. You may experience slight tingling or redness as your skin acclimates, but this is normal. Also, avoid using on the same day as other strong treatments like retinol. For the first few days after use, make sure to wear sunscreen as your skin will be more sensitive to the sun.
I already have an exfoliating cleanser. How is this different?
Face cleansers are designed to take care of everyday dirt and grime. Our Papaya Enzyme Exfoliator goes deeper with natural enzymes to tackle what normal cleansing can’t get to. Similar to how brushing your teeth offers good daily upkeep, but nothing compares to that deep clean feeling after a trip to the dentist.


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