Renewing Palo Santo Set

Experience earthy palo santo in all of its woody and purifying glory

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Meaning "holy wood" in Spanish, Palo Santo is a celebrated ancient wood native to the Yucatán Peninsula. Earthy, woody, and with a touch of sweetness, palo santo is cherished by fragrance experts and sophisticated wearers as a scent that is grounded in nature and that purifies negative energy. This curated set brings the uniqueness and power of palo santo into your cologne and your home scent, and it includes a free woody and nutrient-rich hand cream. If you love the smell of wood, make palo santo your signature scent.

COLOGNE (1.7 FL. OZ. – 50 ML)CANDLE (7 OZ. – 198 G)HAND CREAM (2.0 FL. OZ. - 60 ML)

Formulated in THE USA AND CANADA

What’s Included

Smoky and Earthy Palo Santo Cologne

Palo santo is the star in this cologne with guaiac wood and clary sage.

Phantom Wood Palo Santo Candle

A candle that transports you to an earthy and crackling campfire.

Ultra Rich Eucalyptus Hand Cream

Restore your work-worn hands with this rich, restorative salve.

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